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Member Dues are $100, made payable to the Troup County Bar Association

Dues expire on May 1 of each year

Message from the President:

The Troup County Bar Association exists first and foremost as a resource for attorneys who live or work in Troup County. The bar exists as a resource for information, for networking opportunities, for ongoing legal education, and for tools that local attorneys can utilize.


In that vein, the TCBA provides a forum for attorneys and judges to interact and socialize with each other outside of the courtroom, in order to foster better working relationships inside the courtroom. Clients and the legal community are benefited when attorneys can view each other as colleagues instead of enemies.

The TCBA also exists as a face for the legal community. Many people have a low opinion of lawyers and judges, and it's one of TCBA's goals to change that false impression.

To that end, the TCBA finally exists as a connecting point between attorneys and the community, through pro bono opportunities and the list of active TCBA members (see Members & Practice Areas).

If the TCBA can be of any service to you as an attorney, PLEASE do not hesitate to call or e-mail (see CONTACT). If the TCBA can be of any service to a non-attorney member of the Troup County community, please let us know.

Thank you,

Brett M. Adams

President, TCBA



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